Mobile Financials – Lost in Translations

Market Co-Creation

elya g muskitta[] The market penetration of Telco Service Providers (TSPs) in Indonesia is by far the fastest compare to all other types of business. This is true within the context of conventional telco services provision. But when it comes to financial services and/ or e-commerce type of business, Indonesia’s TSPs market penetration seem to be lost in translations.

The problem mostly lies within the domain of community development and management. This is one area where all TSPs are having shortage if not zero expertise. TSPs, like any other fast moving consumer products businesses need to create new market ecosystems by ways of collaborative networks. This is where market co-creation initiative comes in. With this, market penetration effectiveness may be better measured and the costs of doing business may be much more efficient.

On the other hand TSPs need to find ways to share their revenue with the many potential local partners that will help them create, drive and maintain new sustainable business ecosystems at communities level.

Taking The Extra Miles

TSPs should be willing to go the extra miles by taking the active roles of a Business Incubator for instance. Any new and existing Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) have three common needs: Telecommunication Network, Financial Solutions and Business Network. TSPs can accommodate these needs by leveraging their existing vast network of subscribers.

TSPs may group their subscribers into relevant categories based on the needs of the SMBs. Subsequently these groups of subscribers may function as advisors, demand-side market as well as supply-side market.

By applying the right dose of marketing efforts, the new markets creation will take place almost naturally.

In parallel, TSPs also need to prepare themselves to be the transactions hub for the many and various different type of transactions generated by the growing number of community-based business ecosystems.

Without the so-called collaborative network for community-based business ecosystems, TSPs mobile financial business will continue to be lost in translation.

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