The New Dimension of Business Development

elya muskittaWhat is the hardest obstacle in business development? The answer is Competitors.
Your competitors are your biggest and hardest obstacle in winning and/ or developing new businesses. The presence of competition distracts your potential clients or business partners in making the right decision in your favor.
In any competition, most companies, big or small, local or global, ended up spending more time, energy and even more money to win or develop new businesses over their competitors without the absolute certainty of securing the business in a desired timeframe.
Business Development is an act of investment. What you really need is the right strategy to make an investment that creates non-competitive business opportunities. It sounds pretty simple. Well, it is.

Think about Collaboration, Co-Creating, Strategic Alliance etc.

First of all, create your own Initiative Platform. Use the “Business Model Canvas” if necessary to identify all the core elements of your business initiative.  Subsequently, bring your potential clients into the picture. Find the strategic roles that can transform your potential clients to be your strategic partners. Whenever possible, bring your competitors onboard to become your strategic partners too. You just need to find the right roles for each of them to play in your initiative platform.
You may ask: “Is it even possible to bring your competitors onboard?”.
Yes it is, as long as you own the Initiative Platform and able to firstly obtain your client’s buy-ins, then you are good to go.
Coming up with your own Initiative Platforms takes skills, experience and vast network of supply chain and value chain in the vertical market you are serving.
This is your real investment in any business development. The end results will be your new business with very minimum if not zero competition. This is your new “Blue Ocean”.

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